How we play Starcraft 2: A primer

Hello friends.

Recently, my good friend Lewis and I have began playing Starcraft 2.  Now, we’re getting a lot better, topping our bronze division now. Bronze, I know, but everyone has to start somewhere. Now, most games it’s just

“Alright dude, we’ve got 20 food armys, we can poke out, scout their expands, then take out a few things”

Our face:

Then, often times, we fall back, build up our forces, upgrade, then push out. We often times win, we’re getting our timing down, and it goes great. I favor a more bio heavy mix of Marines/Marauders and Ghosts, with complimentary tanks. As standard, naturally. He favors a more Marauder/Medvac drop play, with heavy vikings to cover our asses. We push out from both sides usually, pincer them in, and we’re GG.

Our faces:

But then, every now and then, we get pushed back after our first push. No big deal, we think, it happens. Then our second one does. We get annoyed. Then we get pushed by 20 carriers, all the Zealots that didn’t die on Aiur, and a fucking probe.

Our faces:

To conclude: If you play in a PP comp, I hate you.

Kisses ❤

This is how I picture you if you’re a PP 7Stargate player. Or French. “LOL NICE MMM HUEHUE HUE NEED TO EAT FROGZ LEGZ”

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