University 3rd year – A labyrinth of impossible obligations

This isn’t pertaining to be a substantial entry, but one which I feel like I have to get off my chest. ( I am now calmed down)

So today, I realised I should hand in my first piece of work. It’s not due till tomorrow (the 20th October), but I finished it, checked it, and went to send it to “Jisc”, which is an abitrary plagarism system, which effectively determines how much of your work that you’ve “Stolen” without quoting it properly. Let’s ignore this fact, and just get straight on with the actual procedure, because…Jisc is fucking awful.

So I come to my profile. It’s not setup. Of course it isn’t. I wait till later because I can’t be bothered fucking about with it, to get an e-mail which explains I have to “re-enrol” myself for the year. Frustrating, but admittedly simple. Why this just can’t automatically update itself with a little work from admin, I won’t gesture I’m aware, but suffice to say it wasn’t too offensive. I mean never mind the fact that nobody can be bothered to segregate each individual persons modular courses, meaning I am now signed up, according to Jisc, for EVERY SINGLE POSSIBLE module, making it ever stressful when I have to pick the right area to hand it in.

No, besides that, this is what really gets me. In second and third year, they are internally refereed to as “Level 5” and “Level 6” respectively. I presume it’s an addition to “Key Stages”, but that’s speculation. Now, apparently, the 2 levels have seperate marking criteria. The level 6 stuff obviously has a few extra loopholes to jump through to ensure it’s up to the appropriate standard. Fair enough. But this is where it seems…rote. Every piece we hand in is APPARENTLY to be marked “anonymously”, which to quote a tutor “So there’s no personal inflection or prejudice against anyone” (Not verbatum, but highly inferred). So…this is the first leg of where it falls down. This year, the new course system dictates that it’s “Level 5/6” on the cover sheet, explaining what you do. Weird, but okay. But hold on a second.

We no longer hand in the ESSAY to a coursework receipting office. No, no, that would be too easy. Maybe everyone got hand cramp and couldn’t stamp the sheets anymore. Whatever. Now, we have to send it to Jisc (Not too intrusive) and print out the receipt from Jisc, attach it to the front of the essay, and drop it off in a postboxey bin kind of thing. This doesn’t seem too bad. But here’s what is. The Jisc receipt we get not only has our entire essay printed on it, in the worst formatting of all time. No. It also has this:-

Paper ID: 7585031
Author: XXXXXX
Paper Title: Auteur Theory
Assignment Title: Level 5/6 – Animation Art & Industry – Essay 1

But wait, what’s that under the XXXXX’s ? Isn’t that my name and student ID number? Wouldn’t that invalidate the concept of anonymous marking? Because it’s LV5/6, doesn’t that break down the concept of a structured hierachy of the mark scheme?

I think it does. I’m sure there’s a LOT of work under the hood that I don’t really understand. But it seems a bit dumb.

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