Mr Nobody (2010)

I just watched a movie called “Mr Nobody(2009)”.

It was fantastic. It tells several stories which revolved around the choices in which a young boy made, and how they shape his future. The plot bounces between these 4/5 different possible “Futures”, and ends in a magnicifcent finale.

The movie has a very strange and disjointed sense of narrative explaination, which I think makes the film very watchable. It reminded me of a movie I saw a while ago called “Wristcutters”, although I suppose you could draw some parallels to Donnie Darko, and that kind of movie. A strange sense of muted surrealism makes the entire picture strangely entrancing. In essence, it plays with several philosophical themes, such as the reality and illusion of choice, and what it can or can’t lead to in the end. For example, one of the futures he lives in revolves around the concept of the butterfly effect-in fact, the entire movie plays with this concept, and I really enjoyed it.

I would really recommend people check it out if you like sci-fi, drama, or a movie from a brilliant Belgian director. Or if you just like to have movies make you think a little.


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