Documentarys-Loose Change and more.

Documentarys have always had a way of portraying things that other mediums, or moreso, genres haven’t been able to.

When I think of Documentarys, the first…and only doc in my heart is “Loose change”


Loose Change is a documentary that revolves around the “Conspiracy theories” (Or is it the truth? Liberal media, unite!!) regarding the Sep 11th attacks on the world trade center. I can honestly say that Loose Change is the most riveting documentary I’ve seen in a long time, it’s just outstanding. The guy basically rifles through a bunch of information to discredit the US Government. At first, admittedly, I was skeptical, but like Mulder says, “The truth is out there”.

But after watching the documentary, it’s…hard to actually consider anything but the footage as the absolute truth. The information comes at you so fast, so furious and with such bravado, that it’s really hard to discredit it yourself. He brings up far too many points which makes you feel like Charlie fucking Sheen in which you “Demand the truth”. Consider the theories he presents. Why was there no marks? Why does the US gvmt cover up something which is literally, scientifically impossible? (I am aware this is turning into a conspiracy championing. Back to actual blog)

Documentarys can essentially( in regards to amateur footage anyway) show the depiction of a truth in which it may otherwise be obscured, intentionally or not. It’s been said many times that “X thing was done and covered up purely to protect the interest of the people/common good/America. The mark of a good doc is one that can take this, flip over information which contradicts this, and back it up with hard evidence. Docs have a way of portraying the truth in a way that regular broadcasters are afraid to cover. Be it through fear, job security or simple effort on their part, a lot of footage, especially regarding murder and politics are often skewed to reflect the ideologies of the common people. Or the hegenomic state in which the distributor/producer adheres to.

Consider the modern doc on the other hand. The glossy, overproduced trash fests that big companies use to push their flavor of the month.

-The Simple Life

-The Osbornes

-Living with Hulk Hogan (Seriously, this is real)

What purpose do these docu-dramas(coined?!) actually serve? Surely, the point of a documentary is to portray a cutting edge idea, something thats edgy, and unexplored, and show it to the people in a well informed and researched way. I propose that these kind of things aren’t necessarily documentaries in the classical sense. Much like the evolution of visual entertainment over contemporary human history, the idea that “The Simple Life” can be classified in the same genre as “Blue Planet” is an ever thinning line, or personal choice…and debateable taste.

If you haven’t seen Loose Change, I urge you to go and watch it. The above link is the second, shorter cut, but it’s still pretty fascinating.

Question your government, rattle some cages!

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